Music Production For Creative Projects

I currently write, co-write, produce and lay down drum tracks in my studio for many artists and production labels worldwide. I currently work with Intervox Music, Sound Diva, Absolute Music Library, and Motion Focus Music. My music has appeared on TV in Europe on programs such as ‘Hello Deutschland’, In Australia on Ten Networks ‘Totally Wild’ and ‘Scope’ TV and many others.

Production Support and Expert Advice

Do you want to get into production but don’t know where to start? I can help get you off the ground and support your decision to take the leap of faith into becoming a producer. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help.

Current Music

I have new music being created all the time for many different projects and with many different artists. Collaboration is something I love, so am always creating new songs across a multitude of genres.

Z Drum Online

To find out more about my music production services, call 0408 145 377

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