About Me

I was influenced by the sounds of rock and jazz in my childhood. These unique styles of music gave me the inspiration to become a musician and drummer. I am an extremely versatile drummer and am known for being able to perform comfortably in many styles of music from symphonic to jazz, rock, funk and electronic. I have had the opportunity to teach and perform in the USA and Europe.

During these travels, I directed various bands and large ensembles and conducted private lessons. I am also a composer and expert in electronic percussion, often supplying drum and percussion tracks for compositions worldwide. I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia where I perform on a regular basis with many leading artists and maintains a busy teaching schedule.


Formal Qualifications:

  • Certificate in small business management.
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Graduate diploma of Education
  • Certificate in training and assessment VET music industry.
  • Certificate in finance and mortgage broking.
  • Studied at NY Drummers Collective for six months in 1988.

Recording Credits Drums:

  • Utter Stench ‘Cry For Help’ LP 1986 Cleopatra Records
  • Utter Stench ‘The Not So Lucky Country’ Compliation 1988 Reactor Records
  • Quartet Supreme “Quality Assured’- Full C.D 2009 NewMarket Music
  • Pat Lajoie ‘Jungle Fever’ 2011 Audio Sparx
  • Pat Lajoie ‘ Tropical Rain’ Taxi Music
  • Sam Pollard ‘World Of Differance’ Full Album Blue Pie Music
  • Tony Saliba ‘Hypnotic’ Jazz Label
  • Tony Saliba ‘Besame Mama’ Jazz Label
  • ‘Age of Rage’ film score.

Recent Writing / Recording Credits:

  • ‘Full Impakt’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘I Dig It’ Motion Focus Music
  • “Master Of Illusion’ Motion Focus Music
  • “VIP Treatment’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Teenage Rebels’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Bred To Shred’ Motion Focus Music
  • “I Like It’ Intervox Music
  • ‘Threat X’ Intervox Music
  • ‘Hi Tek’ Intervox Music
  • ‘Information Age’ Sound Diva
  • ‘Get With It’ Sound Diva
  • ‘Lifestyle Nouveau’ Sound Diva
  • ‘Where Eagles Soar’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Bad Ass Girl’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Rich and Pretty’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Hands Off’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Free Fall’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Places and Spaces’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Paradise Club’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Life’s a Beach’ Production Music Online
  • ‘Uni Fit’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Gastronomical Ramblings’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Future Food Chain’ Motion Focus Music
  • ‘Set In Stone’ Intervox Music
  • “Walk Of Judgement’ Adrenaline Sounds
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To learn more about me, call 0408 145 377

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